God Why, RP
God Why, RP

Because sometimes it hurts to be a literary fascist.

Anonymous asked:
Hey, I've been keeping the same muse for about... six years now, and I think I might have gotten a little too attached to her over the years- but I have multiple muses. I don't think the rest of my muses are getting enough RP time- and I end up coming up with more and more muses! What do I do?

… You mean “characters”, right? I was slightly confused for a second there.

It’s perfectly fine to have a lot of characters and to continously come up with ideas for them. My ‘main’ character has been my main character for like, ten years. Sometimes you just have ideas you really like, and that’s fine. It gets kind of annoying when somebody does nothing but come up with characters instead of actually do things with the characters they have, but if this stuff is continously coming to you then you might as well let it.

I’d say use something like Charahub to keep profiles for your characters in one place, if only for your own personal reference and the ability to keep track of everyone in your roster. I’ve seen people use Excel spreadsheets too but Charahub is more fun.

- Cos

Anonymous asked:
Have you ever picked your bumhole with your finger?

””“Better”“” Words

Here’s a “tutorial” somebody posted on a forum I check sometimes about using “better words”:

Imagine, This is you:
He sat on the rock as he turned his head and stared at the clouds before looking back down.

We’re going to fix that by doing this:
The brute sat on the slender rock as he then turned his cranium and stared at the clouds before moving his cranium back down.

See how much beter that is? Imma give you guys some good word choice now:

Legs: PIllars, Column, Limb, Shank, Fore Legs (Front), Hind Legs (Back)

Head: Cranium, Crown, Dome, Skull

Jaw: Maw, Jowls, Muzzle, Orifice, Mandible

Feet: Pad, Paw, FOundation

Rear: Haunches, Rump, Buttox

Hip: Flank, HInd, Quarter, Pleura

Eyes: Optics, Pools, Opals, Orbs, Luminaries

Now you try RPing with these fancy new words! Good luck!

I shouldn’t even have to explain what’s wrong with this

- Cos

I love going through this blog, and GARP, honestly. I'm pretty much an elitist when it comes to rping, even though I'm sure my very first would have made it onto this blog, if it had ever been public. Me and my friend basically took the plot straight from the Bible itself, without even realizing it. (we were ten/eleven.) The only difference is that the main demi-god's right-hand didn't become "satan". There was already a preexisting devil creature. It was actually a good rp, initial plot aside.

Sometimes those kinds of RPs can be super fun even if they’re basically ripped off from something else. While originality is great and all, it’s be silly to expect every RP to be some kind of bastion of creativity.

Lately I’ve been making characters who are a little uncreative on purpose just because it’s pretty fun to do and it’s totally shameless indulgence lol

- Cos

minespatch asked:
Somehow I'm a magnet to these three roleplayers who have a similar typing and script style. Despite me not being a "script" fan myself, I thought I'd be nice to the partners by playing the way they did it. Unfortunately, they seem to have a similar wish: For me to be their character's love interest. Sometimes they even control the character they wanted me to play that I feel like I'm just a plaything for their own mary sue characters. I also have a problem of not saying 'no'.

In most cases I advocate just saying no, but in this case you might want to also try and nudge these people into RPing differently, like in paragraph style and with less focus on cutesy fluff. Sometimes it takes a little bit of shoving.

- Cos

Anonymous asked:
I rp with one person, and i rarely ever do group rp's. My friend who rp's tries to get me to do group rp's, as well as sexual ones. I don't feel comfortable doing either (for reasons I will not disclose). What should I do?

Tell your friend you don’t feel comfortable doing it. If they’re your friend, then they should understand.

- Cos

Anonymous asked:
A friend and I used to RP a lot over texting. By a lot, I mean thousands of messages a month. Eventually it all abruptly stopped and for the past five years I've been asking once every few months or so with his answer always being along the lines of "maybe later". This ticks me off especially because he's RPed (and might still be) with other people during the times I'd asked. I know he's my friend, but should I even try anymore?

Sometimes things can happen where people just don’t feel like RPing all that much anymore. It sucks a lot to be on the other side of, but maybe you could ask your friend if something’s going on and if it’s something you can help with, otherwise the only thing you can do is be patient, even if five years is kind of uuuuh a long time.

- Cos

galenalarkin asked:
Hi! This is in response to your post number 66584456350 (also called "a thing or a few things the winde me up"). I would like to know what universe the submitter comes from where an 8 inch penis is average, because I would like to move there immediately. The average penis here is actually more in the 5-6 inch range, with 6 being kind of high. If I could find a place where 8 is the norm, that'd be awesome. Oh also, keep up the good work on your blog!

Anonymous asked:
Howdy! I'm curious, is it bad that I can't seem to keep a muse? Like I had a great thread going, but I just lost steam with the character I was playing... So I switched, and when I lost steam on that one and so on. Am I just not meant for the RP game? Or, at least, the big game RPs?

I think this is fairly common, actually. I’ve only been in one or two RPs that haven’t crapped out basically immediately due to participants losing interest and not saying anything about it. It’s fine if you’re just not feeling it anymore but the courteous thing to do is let everyone else in the RP know, not that I’m insinuating you don’t from this ask or anything I’m just typing what I’m thinking right now. words.

I think it’s mostly just a matter of finding the right RP, the right people, the right characters who will keep you engrossed for more than a page or two. It can take multiple attempts for something to really click and from my experience this is just a part of writing/role-playing.

- Cos

Anonymous asked:
Worst RP Experience personally: When the Creator of the OC you're rping with knows something dark and foreboding about your character and USES IT IN THE RP AS COMMON INFORMATION WHEN THEIR OC WOULD HAVE NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE OF IT WHATSOEVER?! I HAAAAAAAAAAAATE THIS WITH A PASSION AND IT HAPPENS WAY TOO OFTEN.

I’ve RPed at places that have rules against “metagaming” like this because it’s illogical and frustrating. I don’t get why people do it in the first place because besides making no sense, it’s a lot more fun for your characters to find these things out through the natural progression of a story instead of just knowing for no reason.

- Cos